Does your hair really suit you?

Does Your Hairstyle Really Suit You?

During a proper consultation, there are a few rules.

Firstly, we never ask you what to do. That sounds crazy, right? Not really. If you knew what to do, you’d be able to cut and style your own hair at home and if we’re honest here, that hardly ever ends up quite right. So, what’s the secret? During the right consultation, we’re more interested in how much time you are able to spend on your hair on a daily basis or what makes you feel insecure about your hair.

Do you understand why that bob you’ve been wearing for 5 years doesn’t make you feel the way it used to? Do you understand why you can never blow-dry your hair the way we can during a visit? These are the things we will talk about during every visit. It’s one thing leaving with the most fabulous hair you’ve ever had, and it’s another thing maintaining that hair when your three kids are up from 4AM smacking each other with kitchen utensils.

Have you ever been asked what your REAL morning routine is like? Not the one you think we want to hear. We really truly believe that if you can see your hair the way we can, and we can see your life the way you do, the result will be authentically you. There’s no shame in maintaining that style that you’ve loved for so long, but wouldn’t it be great if it just stayed the way you wished it would? With a little time and just a bit of trust we believe that YOU will start to see and experience your own hair, like you never have before.


In order to achieve such a style, suitability is key. With that, we mean suitability to your budget, your home routine and your hair’s texture and facial features. We take time to analyse your current hairstyle, listen to what is challenging you at home, in regards with your hair, and carefully work out a strategic plan to start working towards the solution. In the salon, a proper consultation goes right down to how to style your hair at home so that the look we’ve created stays fresh as long as possible.

We have developed a comfortable structure so that we can communicate as clearly as possible. Here’s a few things you can be expected to be asked when having a consultation at The Cottage:

1: How much time are you able to spend on your hair on a daily basis?

2: Are you able to identify what you like/ don’t like about your hair at the moment?

3: How much length are you open to lose? (this definitely is not a “scissor happy” question)

4: What are your daily hair struggles?

5: Then, once we have all that down, we will do a precise examination of facial features, hair growth patterns, hair texture, hair density and even your specific head shape.


If the haircut does not do the work for you, you are not the issue, it means that the cut is not doing its job. We hold ourselves to the standard that we are only as good as our last service.

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